Todd Cummings

Todd Cummings

Todd Cummings is the Vice President of Research and Development at Synergis Software, the developer of Product Data Management (PDM) solutions for design and engineering organizations. Synergis Adept offers unprecedented scalability and simplicity to meet the most complex engineering/design needs simply and easily, without adding enterprise-scale cost and complexity.

Todd Cummings’ career in the development of engineering and CAD-based product data management software spans 20 years, including solution architecture, product development and strategy, product marketing, and partner development.

An avid writer and speaker, Todd has been a regular presenter at CAD and engineering –focused conferences for Autodesk’s and SOLIDWORKS’ communities, as well as ASME, TAPPI, and the United State Coast Guard CADD and GIS Symposium. He has delivered hundreds of technical presentations to SMBs and Fortune 100 companies.

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