Bob Burke

Bob Burke

Con Edison

Bob Burke is a section manager at Con Edison responsible for technology in support of engineering. Bob has a BS in Engineering from The College of New Jersey and an MBA from the NYU Stern School of Business. Bob has a background in project management and was recently responsible for the successful implementation of a cross-enterprise Drawing Management System for over 2,000 users. In addition to making a monthly donation to his local gym, Bob attempts to stay active by chasing around his two young children.

Con Edison’s Journey with Adept and EIM


ConEdison had a challenge that most complex organizations are facing today… How do we bridge “silos” in our organization? At ConEdison, silos like generation, distribution, maintenance, finance and regulatory affairs functioned largely independent from each other. And this was becoming a big problem…. Silos make it harder for people across the organization to collaborate on […]

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