Con Edison’s Journey with Adept and EIM


ConEdison had a challenge that most complex organizations are facing today…

How do we bridge “silos” in our organization?

At ConEdison, silos like generation, distribution, maintenance, finance and regulatory affairs functioned largely independent from each other.

And this was becoming a big problem….

  • Silos make it harder for people across the organization to collaborate on projects
  • Silos can slow projects or decisions that involve more than one department—which means, almost every important project and decision.
  • Silos increase uncertainty and doubt. It’s harder to trust that you really do have all the information you need, or the most recent or complete version of that information.

Bob tells a story about hours of meeting time was spent on “making sure everyone is on the same page.”

Today, no organization can survive long unless everyone is on the same page…all the time.

In Bob’s presentation he’ll show you how ConEdison used Adept EIM to improve …

  • Collaboration between engineering and all other departments
  • Resource allocation and planning
  • Regulatory compliance and confidence
  • Timeliness, accuracy, and ease of access to all engineering information

Plus, Bob will tell you about ConEdison’s “People, Process, and Product” method for implementing new systems smoothly and gaining buy—in from all users.

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